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Diamond Package

This package is designed for the ultimate campervan conversion, having all of the best of the best bits available incorporated into the package. This is designed for those that are looking to get the best experience out of their van – it allows for the vehicle to be utilised as the ultimate all season campervan.

This package consists of the following:

STORM Pop Top(Finished and Polished in either a Gel Coat Black or Gel Coat White)

A market leading, UK manufactured pop top that uses a Vacuum Infused Moulding process that ensures structural longevity and high quality gel coat finishes on both the top face and bottom face. All Storm roofs come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, plus many other benefits. 

Scenic Canvas Upgrade

This creates a brilliant ‘viewing platform’ from within the vehicle, and also provides a great option for ventilation within the van, perfect for those who are planning to cook inside their vehicle or when travelling to warmer climates.

Carpeted Hatch Covering Panel Upgrade

The Hatch Covering Panel is a fantastic way to close the opening entry hatch for the pop top roof bed. This makes for a sleek factory finished look when the pop top is down and closed.

High Quality Carpeted Bi-folding Roof Bed

Our Bi-Folding Roof Bed is our most popular option! 2 sets of hinges paired with 2 sets of gas struts create a cantilever style bed board that allows the bed to raise to the top of the roof at the rear when elevated. That quality is matched with a memory foam mattress specifically designed to live up in the pop top/bed space and can be left up there when the roof is in its closed position, and also when the bed system is in its elevated position. The bi-fold side of things effectively provides additional head room/living space in the ‘downstairs’ section of the vehicle all the way towards the rear of the vehicle. Additional head room gained is approx. 7 inches! PLEASE NOTE: The Image used above is not the carpeted bed option, we will update the image as soon as possible to reflect the correct product.

Roof area carpeting

Using one of our three carpet colour options, we carpet the pop top roof framework in one piece that provides a very neat and tidy finish to the roof section of your campervan – this can be a very difficult task to do yourself as it is very close to the canvas and involves using sharp cutting tools.

Lighting package

Essential in all campervan builds, LED Lighting! 4 x LED Lights are installed to the 12v system and can be connected to either the main drive battery or an installed leisure battery. These lights provide an optimum level of light for the ‘downstairs’ section of the campervan. The package is completed with a pop-top Flexi light for the ‘upstairs’ section of the van – and this has 2 USB sockets installed into the base, providing a perfect solution for phone/tablet charging. 

200w Solar Panel with Victron Smart Solar Controller

A huge 200W Solar Panel that will ensure your leisure battery is topped up at all times! The Solar Panel is a must for anyone considering any form of wild camping! The installation comes complete with a Victron MPPT SmartSolar controller (Bluetooth controlled) that allows you to monitor on how the panel is performing and to even carry out updates to the systems software!

Auto Term Planar 2D Diesel Heater(with upgraded comfort controller)

A 2KW output means for a low battery and a low diesel consumption all whilst producing fantastic results, this bit of kit will have your vehicle from noticeably cold to extremely warm in as little as 10 minutes, all whilst performing silently through the super silent pump that it is fitted with. We also mount these underneath the vehicle chassis therefore maintaining and maximising space within the vehicle itself, as well as preventing any nasty smells or fumes entering the vehicle. A perfect solution for all year campers!

SWB - £6,575.00 / LWB £6,875.00

Canvas Colours