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Campervan Carpet Lining

Carpet Lining

Campervan Carpet Lining & Insulation

We offer various Campervan Carpet Lining, Insulation and Ply Lining Packages to suit every individual requirement. Our team has over 9 years of combined experience in Carpet Lining, bringing new ideas and top quality materials together to present a luxurious finish.

From start to finish, we incorporate only the best products to ensure the longevity of the carpet and ply lining. High-Temperature Glue is applied 4 ways to prevent any sagging at any position in the vehicle. There are two main colours to choose from, Smoke and Anthracite, however, should you require a more personal colour choice, we are happy to accommodate any request.

Why is it important to Sound Deaden, Insulate and Carpet Line your vehicle? 

When a campervan leaves the factory, it is supplied with a minimal amount of protection from road noise, therefore it is very common to experience consistent vibrational noises that can create a less than pleasant journey for all passengers. Furthermore, if you’re planning on using your Campervan for camping purposes (We hope so!), then it is essential to introduce a layer of insulation and carpet lining. Due to our less than ideal climate in the UK, vehicles without any insulation can become extremely cold overnight, no matter what season it is. Insulation will help to keep all the necessary warmth inside your van in the winter, and keep the hot temperatures out in the warmer months!

By opting for one of our packages, we can completely remove all of these issue’s for you by installing all the necessary protections in your campervan to ensure a comfortable experience, no matter the location or season. 



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Carpet Lining

Pricing For Camperan Carpet Lining

Lining & Insulation OptionsPrice
Carpet Lining & Insulation – Bronze PackageComplete Vehicle Strip Down -> Dacron Insulation in all cavities -> Full Metalwork Carpeting using Easy Liner -> Carpet Line existing Ply Lining panels with Standard Trim Clips
£895 (SWB)
£995 (LWB)
Carpet Lining & Insulation – Silver PackageOur Silver Lining Package is for those that want a top quality finish with all the essentials! This package will ensure that your vehicle will no longer suffer from the droning road noise due to the sound suppression we install. Furthermore, it will be well insulated and help to keep your Campervan warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Finally, we will professionally carpet line the full vehicle to create the perfect finish that you can expect from our top level technicians.1. Complete Vehicle Strip Down and Preparation. 2. DoDo HEX Sound Deadening in main cavities. 3. Dacron Insulation fitted in all cavities. 4. Full Metalwork Carpeting using High-Quality Grade Carpet. 5. Carpet Line Existing Ply Panels with Standard Trim Clips.
£1295 (SWB)
£1395 (LWB)
Carpet Lining & Insulation – Gold PackageOur Ultimate Lining Package is for those that want only the best! This package will completely eliminate all the noisy road noise whilst also ensuring that your vehicle is maximising its thermal efficiencies via the insulation installed with this package.1. Complete Vehicle Strip Down and Preparation. 2. DoDo DEAD’N Sound Deadening in main cavities. 3. DoDo DEAD’N Sound Deadening applied to Wheel Arches. 4. DoDo Thermo PRO Sound + Insulation liner in main cavities. 5. Full Metalwork Carpeting using High-Quality Grade Carpet. 6. Carpet Line Existing Ply Panels with Hidden Trim Clips Upgrade
£1495 (SWB)
£1795 (LWB)
Hidden Trim ClipsThis option changes the standard panel clips to the hidden version. This makes the finish look completely different by hiding any fixing points on all of the ply panels. This makes for a completely flush finish throughout the interior.
Sound Deaden Wheel ArchesThis option is for those that are looking to have that extra level of noise reduction. We will Sound Deaden the Metal Wheel Arches to reduce the vibrations/road noise from the moving wheels.