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Campervan Slide Out Pod Fitting

Transform Your Campervan Experience with A Slidepod

All In One Campervan Slide Out Kitchen, Bed, Storage & Shower

Are you looking for a flexible, all-in-one alternative to the traditional campervan conversion? Look no further than the Slidepod for campervans.

This incredible piece of kit combines an enormous full width double bed, storage, shower and kitchen area, whilst only taking up minimal room and still allowing you to have 5-6 seats in the van. It’s also fully removable, so if you need to use the van to transport large items you can simply unclip the Slidepod from it’s mount and take the entire unit out in under 5 minutes. Perfect for those who want to have a practical van that can be used as a van and still be able to take it for adventures.

We are now official distributors of the Slidepod and have stock, so if you want to avoid the 16 week lead time on ordering direct from manufacturer make sure to get in touch. Our price is for the Slidepod fully fitted which takes around two hours – perfect time to pop by for a coffee. We do recommend having a 12v leisure battery to make full use of the Slidepod’s lighting options but it will still function without.

All our Slidepods are fully spec’d and include every optional extra as standard (shower hose, water container, swan neck table, detachable rear table, memory foam mattress).

FROM ONLY £3995 + Options


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