Frequently Asked Questions

We have various prices and options for our Pop Tops. We have tried to be as transparent and customisable as possible for each and every customer.

The reason for this is that every vehicle/pop top installation is different. All of our prices for everything that we offer are located on the Poptops page, alongside all our options.

Here is a brief overview of some pricing:

Skyline Original SWB £3095
Skyline Aurora SWB £3495
Skyline Aurora LWB £3795

This price is the starting point for a roof install, it includes - Main Roof Shell (in white or black gel coat), Standard Canvas (Free Choice of Colour), Fitting to the vehicle. This would leave the vehicle interior metal work visible. All extras such as lights, carpeting, roof beds and panoramic canvasses are optional extras. You can find the prices at the bottom of our pop-top roof page.
Yes - We offer pop top roof packages that group together the most popular options and also extends a group purchase discount to you. Get in touch with us with your desired specification and we'll match it to our most suitable package.
Our lead time can vary week to week so it is advisable to consider a usual lead time of approximately 4 weeks from date of deposit. Once again, this can vary at all times, so please call up to find out the exact lead time.
If you’re looking to have a pop top installed but your van is already converted, then you may be wondering if it is still possible to install the pop top?

Yes, this is still possible however we will either need to see the vehicle in person or have some photos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. We charge a small extra labour charge of £150 to work around pre-converted vans. You can also watch one of our youtube videos that can explain this in some further detail: https://bit.ly/38KYNar
SWB = Short Wheel Base
LWB = Long Wheel Base
If your van is already carpeted, but you don’t have a conversion, then you will most likely need to opt for the Roof Area Carpeting option. This will ensure that when we install the pop top, the roof frame and metal work will not be left exposed, but instead be trimmed and finished in carpet.
No, you can still have the “Standard” Canvas on the Aurora. The Scenic option is £250. The Standard Skyline canvas still comes with the 3 windows and the famous skyline heavy duty canvas, the only difference is the main opening panoramic zip is not there like on the scenic version.
The Bi-Fold Bed Option takes the roof bed a step further by adding another hinge and another set of gas struts to allow the bed to elevate in a cantilever design. This provides a massive increase in head room at the rear of the campervan. As always, maximising the space inside the campervan is of top priority with any layout, therefore we thoroughly recommend this option.
The cover panel hides the otherwise unsightly bottom of the canvas from the cockpit. It adds a fantastic finishing touch and for that extra flare can be trimmed in your choice of carpet or GTI style cloth.
We can do Pop Top Installations on Ford Transit Customs. We do not convert other vehicles.
At present, we are no longer taking bookings for full conversions. We see ourselves now as a predominately Pop Top Specialist, whilst still being able to offer the other related services at the same time such as carpet lining, window fitting, diesel heaters, electrical installs, Slidepods, etc.
Yes, we are now able to offer full kits with delivery if you wish to install the pop top yourself. If you are a trade customer and would like to get into contact with us about opening a trade account, please head over to www.skylinemidlands.com and request to open a trade account. We’ll be in touch to get you set-up.