The current state of travel in the United Kingdom and around the world has made international Globetrotters consider different options. Instead of hopping on a plane and flying to another country, more people are choosing to take staycations in the UK using a comfortable, convenient, and affordable campervan.

Top Benefits of Campervan Travel

 Campervan travel is growing in popularity for more than just the fact that people are choosing to stay near home because of Brexit and the Covid 19 situation. A Volkswagen campervan gives you the freedom to choose your own perfect holiday, whether that’s a sight-seeing road trip around the UK or shacking up next to a beach in Cornwall.

1 – Plan your own itinerary without the constraints of package holidays or transportation schedules. You can drive and stay wherever these vans are allowed. Just imagine the freedom of waking up every morning and making a new exciting plan.

2 – Save money when you have your own standard or pop-top roof conversion camper. You can forget about hotel costs, transportation fees, and more.

3 – Enjoy added comfort of soft mattress, seating, and kitchen in many campervan conversions. Although there are many types and upgrades to choose from, these easy-to-drive vans always contain a soft bed, plenty of storage, and electricity for lighting and ventilation. Many have a small kitchenette to make cooking on the road simple, and some even have bathrooms on board. While it may not feel as luxurious as the top hotel or inn, they offer a much greater amount than a tent or many hostels.

4 – Truly get away from it all. Van pop-top roof conversion and specially designed campervans offer security, privacy, and peace of mind that you can stay away from other people during this troublesome time. Although isolation and social distancing are the rules of the day to help prevent the spread of Covid19, getting out on an adventure can revitalize your mind and spirit. Why not do so in a comfortable vehicle that gives you the space you need?

Campervan Conversion in the Midlands

In order to truly enjoy your travels in your home, you need to find the right campervan to rent or purchase. If you have an adventuresome family, consider buying your own van with a pop-top roof conversion or similar upgrades for maximum comfort.

If you are ready to jump into a new or rented campervan and reap all the benefits listed above on your next UK staycation, source the vehicle from a trusted company. Whether you want to convert your existing van into a camper or choose to purchase a new model like the popular Volkswagen Transporter campervan, we have options to suit your needs and budget.

Campervans growing popularity all the time in the United Kingdom and around the world. Even with recent travel restrictions and concerns, you and your family can enjoy a great adventure close to home.