Here at Cosmic, we’re especially proud of our personal touch, from expert fitters with the best parts available at an affordable price. We’re well known for our STORM Pop-Top Roofs that transform your 2-berth van to 4-berth, Slidepod installations, Diesel Heaters, Window Fitting, Carpet Lining and much more. If you are the kind of person who loves camping, travelling, and exploring the great outdoors, then you know how important it is to have a comfortable and practical campervan. One feature that makes a significant difference in the comfort and functionality of your campervan are awning rails.

Awning Rails are an aftermarket upgrade to the mounting point for a Driveway Awning or Wind Out Awning, allowing you to mount both types to the side of your vehicle, securely. These awning rails can be installed in a variety of campervans, including VW Transporters, Ford Transits, Renault Trafics and Vauxhall Vivaro . In this blog, we will detail some of the many reasons why you should consider visiting Cosmic Campervans to have an Awning Rail installed!


Maximize Your Living Space

One of the biggest benefits of Awning Rails is that they allow you to attach a Driveaway Awning to your Campervan, thus creating a whole new living space, all the while being fully attached and rainproof. This can be extremely handy when travelling with children or larger groups. The awning can be used as a sleeping area, storage area or even your kitchen area! This removes the need of using the limited space inside the campervan for all these needs, and therefore creating a much more pleasant experience when you’re out on your adventures.


Add a Wind Out Awning

If you’re planning to add a Wind Out Awning, such as a Fiamma F45s and you have a Pop Top, then you will need to mount the wind out awning onto the awning multi rail. At Cosmic Campervans, we can supply and fit you a full kit which comprises of the Awning Rail, Dedicated Mounting Brackets and the Wind Out Awning. The reason this is necessary is because usually to mount the awning, the brackets are attached to the vehicles body in the upper gutters, however, when a Pop Top is present, these mounting points are no longer available, and therefore the awning must be mounted onto the awning rail with the correct brackets to ensure a correct and safe fitment.


Create A Rain Gutter

Unfortunately, our British climate is not known for our consistently sunny days, but rather, our consistently rainy ones! Awning Multi Rails also act as a fantastic rain gutter that will be much appreciated on those commonly occurring downpours! They will effectively channel all of the rainfall down onto your windscreen rather than it pouring into your interior, thus allowing you to leave the sliding door open at all times without having to worry. A great benefit that is often overlooked until it happens to you! 

Maximum Compatibility

Another significant benefit of our Awning Multi Rails is that they’re completely universal! Whether you have a Vango, Kyham, Outdoor Revolution etc, they will fit onto the Awning Rail. The awning rail channel is a 6mm kador strip which is the universally accepted size for most awnings. It is also possible to attach kador rail adaptors for the rare instances where you may have an 8mm or other size strip on your awning. It really is just that easy! 


Top Quality Materials

Our Awning Rails are constructed using high quality grade anodised aluminium and are nicely finished in black, to present you with a sleek and professional looking finish. Our end caps are genuine a Reimo product, which are bonded to the ends of the rail.


Adds Value to Your Campervan

Finally, Awning Rails add value to your campervan. If you ever decide to sell your campervan, having an awning rail installed will make it more appealing to potential buyers. Awning Rails are a sought-after feature in campervans and can help you get a higher resale value for your vehicle. You can learn more about our Awning Rails by clicking here.

In conclusion, awning rails are one of the best aftermarket upgrade options for a campervan owner looking to improve the comfort and practicability of their vehicle, especially those that frequently travel with children and pets. If you are considering upgrading your campervan, installing an awning rail should definitely be on your list…

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